How to say I Love You in Japanese

In Japanese there are different ways to say I Love You. One is said only between a husband and wife and then rarely as it would seem strange if you said it all the time. This way of saying I Love you is Aishiteru, in Japanese it’s pronounced Ai-shi-teru, it’s writtern in Kanji in the following way, 愛してる the Kanji 愛 means Love. Another more common way to express feelings of Love and affection and to tell someone that you like or love them is to to say Suki, it’s written like this in Japanese 好き. The ‘u’ is barely audible, it sounds more like ‘ski’. This is usually said when you confess your love for someone. You can also say, daisuki, which is written like this 大好き the Kanji 大 means big, so it’s a way of saying your feelings are stronger than the first one. You might want to tone it down a bit and just say 好き so as not to scare the other person off.

So here they are again

愛してる Aishiteru

好き Suki

大好き Daisuki

In Japan, people don’t say I Love You all the time like in other countries, instead they show it in their actions and also show it indirectly in their words.

In Japan on Valentines day, women give men chocolates, then a month later in March there is another day called White day where the men buy women gifts.

Another way to say I Love You is 月が綺麗ですね。In Hiragana, げつがきれいですね。In Romaji, getsu-ga-kirei-desu-ne. Literally means ‘The moon is beautiful tonight isn’t it’.

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